M R is:

the owner Megan Riley;

and the foundation of the business—Media Relations.

Et cetera is:

All the miscellaneous communications work needed to build the capacity of mission-driven businesses, non-profit organizations and public agencies that enhance the communities in which they operate.

Megan started her career in journalism in 1997 and entered the non-profit, agricultural and conservation fields in 2004. She developed an interest for mission-driven businesses while working with farmers who have a mission to protect the land and produce healthy food. She established her business in 2007 to complete a mix of development and marketing work and to manage projects that small organizations do not have the in-house capacity to complete. Lessons from Megan's early years in the newsroom are still with her as she conducts customer interviews, writes grant proposals, and reports on project progress. Megan has primarily lived and worked in North Carolina since 1996, and she has gained a wide perspective and rich insight from travels and short-term residencies in many other states and countries.

While M R et cetera is a one-person staff, Megan works with several independent contractors, small businesses and public agencies to provide a full spectrum of services for a wide range of clients. She is committed to keeping her fees affordable so that small businesses and organizations can contract her services.

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